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Fine & Affordable Art
Venue address
The Saleroom
York Auction Centre, Murton
York, North Yorkshire
YO19 5GF
United Kingdom
Fine & Affordable Art

Auction dates
Feb 03, 2023 11:00 AM GMT
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We found 89 items matching your search
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D Wright (British mid-20th century): Portrait of a Spaniel
25 GBP
Gary Hodges (British 1954-): 'Tropical Slumber' Study of Hippo
100 GBP
Peter Hildick (British Contemporary): 'Baby Love' and 'The Twins'
45 GBP
John Reed (British 20th century): Robin and other Bird Studies
130 GBP
Continental School (20th century): Still Life of Fruit and Wine on a Ledge
140 GBP
Alan Sutherland (Scottish 1931-2019): Still Life of and Jug
75 GBP
English School (20th century): Still Life of Flowers in a Vase
40 GBP
Gordon Faulkner (1927-2007): Still Life
25 GBP
Margaret Chadwick (British 20th century): Still Life of Flower and Apple
55 GBP
F E Pickering (20th century): Garden Scenes
90 GBP
English School (20th Century) 'Mr & Mrs Raper's Garden' and St Nicholas' Church Husthwaite'
20 GBP
English School (20th century): Figures walking in a Landscape with Windmill
35 GBP
Douglas Frederick Pittuck (British 1911-1993): 'Fields Near Barnard Castle'
80 GBP
English School (19th century): 'View from Virginia Cottage - Dawlish'
40 GBP
English School (19th century): Kingston Bridge
75 GBP
Emmanuel Levy (British 1900-1986): 'Square in Clochnell Square'
20 GBP
William Henry Dyer (British fl.1890-1930): Coastal Scene with Seagulls
25 GBP
John Skinner Prout (British 1805-1876): Manor Shore York
60 GBP
John Constable RA (British 1776-1837): 'Dover'
2,400 GBP
Joseph Hughes Clayton (British 1891-1929): Boats Moored by a Cottage
85 GBP
Sam Burden (British 1932/38-): Staithes
30 GBP
Aidan Kirkpatrick (British 1932-2014): 'Longlees Rochdale Canal'
25 GBP
English School (Late 18th century): Pastoral Scene in Italianate Capriccio Landscape
80 GBP
Italian School (18th century): Venice
150 GBP
Circle of Henry Barlow Carter (British 1804-1868): Shipping in Choppy Seas
25 GBP
George Weatherill (British 1810-1890): 'A Farm at Twilight'
170 GBP
James Charles Playfair (British fl 1865-1904): The Cavalier Standard Bearer
80 GBP
Anton H�hnisch [Hahnisch] (Austrian 1817-1897): Oval Portrait of a Victorian Young Man
35 GBP
Continental School (19th century): Half Length Portrait of a Spanish Conquistador
40 GBP
Greek Orthodox School (Early 20th century): Side Profile Portrait of 'Jesus Christ Saviour'
70 GBP
After L�on [Leon] Joseph Florentin Bonnat (French 1833-1922): 'An Oriental Barbershop'
60 GBP
After Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch 1606-1669): 'The Night Watch'
160 GBP
Abraham Cooper (British 1787-1868): 'A Mule (the Property of Lord Holland) - and an Ass'
550 GBP
English School (20th century): Horses in Farmyard Stable
25 GBP
William Mellor (British 1851-1931): 'On the Wharf - Bolton Woods Yorkshire'
2,700 GBP
John Charles Moody (British 1884-1962): River Scene with Weir and House
280 GBP
English School (19th century): Sheep Grazing
80 GBP
Dutch School (20th century): Ice Skating on the Frozen River
35 GBP
Les Parson (British 1945-): Cottage with Wild Flowers
35 GBP
Kershaw Schofield (British 1872-1941): Dutch Exterior Scene with Figure
240 GBP
Ken Cooper (British 20th century): Ships Leaving Harbour
30 GBP
Charles Duval (French 19th century): Figures on a Winter Path and Figures by a River
140 GBP
Edith E Hoyle (Northern British 20th century): 'Staithes' and 'Robin Hood's Bay'
20 GBP
John Henry Scott (1872-1940): Harvest Scene near Leyburn
75 GBP