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Fine & Affordable Art
Venue address
The Saleroom
York Auction Centre, Murton
York, North Yorkshire
YO19 5GF
United Kingdom
Fine & Affordable Art

Auction dates
Jul 08, 2022 11:00 AM BST
Viewing dates
Jul 06, 2022 10:00 AM - 06:00 PM BST
Jul 07, 2022 10:00 AM - 04:00 PM BST
Jul 08, 2022 09:00 AM - 11:00 AM BST
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There are 150 lots within this auction
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John James Audubon (American 1785-1851): 'Felis Pardalis Linn - Ocelot or Leopard Cat (Male)'
1,000 GBP
John James Audubon (American 1785-1851): 'Enhydra Marina Erxleben - Sea Otter (Young Male)'
750 GBP
John James Audubon (American 1785-1851): 'Ovibos Moschatus Gmel - Musk Ox (Males)'
500 GBP
John James Audubon (American 1785-1851): 'Ursus Maritimus Linn - Polar Bear (Male)'
600 GBP
Herbert Thomas Dicksee (British 1862-1942): 'The Destroyers'
40 GBP
Victor Koulbak (Russian/French 1946-): 'Mouse'
190 GBP
Victor Koulbak (Russian/French 1946-): 'Long Beak'
260 GBP
Circle of Archibald Thorburn (British 1860-1935): Male and Female Blackcocks
65 GBP
H Swann (British 1818-?): Robins with Nest
50 GBP
English School (mid 20th century): A Flock of Ducks
70 GBP
English School (mid 20th century): Feeding the Chickens
50 GBP
Gordon Ashely Hunter (British 1936-): Badger Leaving its Sett
40 GBP
A Biddall (British 19th century): Study of a Pointer Hunting in Moorlands
150 GBP
Henry Percy (British 19th/20th Century): Portrait of a Spaniel
25 GBP
Chinese School (19th century): Sparrows Feeding
30 GBP
Chinese School (early 20th century): Battle Scene; Butterflies; Family Scene
90 GBP
Balinese School (20th century): Woman at Fish Market
30 GBP
Indian Mughal School (early 20th century): Celebration before Dignitary
25 GBP
Claire Cockayne (British contemporary): 'Lonadi's House'
25 GBP
John Ogilby (British 1600-1676): 'Road from Exeter to Barnstable' and others
35 GBP
John Senex (English 1678-1740): 'The Continuation of the Road from London to Holy Head'
30 GBP
Richard Blome (British 1635-1705): 'A Mapp of Warwickshire with its Hundreds'
45 GBP
John Ogilby (British 1600-1676): 'The Road from London to Norwich
40 GBP
After Estra Clark (British 1904-1993): 'Historic York'
120 GBP
Gerard Mercator (Dutch 1512-1594): South East England - 'Warwicum' etc
40 GBP
After Rembrandt van Rijn (Dutch 1606-1669): 'Beggars Receiving Alms' and 'The Windmill'
30 GBP
William Lionel Wyllie (British 1851-1931) 'Hot Walls - Portsmouth'
240 GBP
Thomas Bonfrey Burton (Beverley 1886-1941): 'St Mary's Beverley' and 'Market Place Beverley'
90 GBP
George Fall (British 1848-1925): 'Water Tower - Minster York'
240 GBP
George Fall (British 1848-1925): 'Marygate Tower - Minster York'
280 GBP
William James Boddy (British 1831-1911): 'Holy Trinity Goodramgate York'
240 GBP
William James Boddy (British 1831-1911): 'Holy Trinity Church' Goodramgate York
190 GBP
Davy (British 19th century): Low Petergate with View of York Minster
35 GBP
H Bennett (British exh.1880): View of York Minster from High Petergate
35 GBP
John Sibson (British 1942-): Bolton Abbey
25 GBP
Robert Leslie Howey (British 1900-1981): 'Derwentwater'
160 GBP
Henry John Kinnaird (British 1861-1929): 'A Sussex Lane'
95 GBP
Basil Holmes (British 19th century): 'Leybourne Castle - Kent'
60 GBP
William Roxby Beverley (British 1811-1889): 'Offloading the Catch near Dover'
30 GBP
Henry William Burgess (British 1792-1839): Fjord Landscape with Church
25 GBP
David Cox (British 1783-1859): Windmill by a Lane with Figures
70 GBP
John Rawson Walker (British 1796-1873): 'Vessels off Barmouth North Wales'
30 GBP
After Frank Brangwyn (British 1867-1956): 'The Mine'
25 GBP
Arthur Wilde Parsons (British 1854-1931): 'Avon Gorge' Bristol
65 GBP
William Taylor Longmire (British 1841-1914): Lake District Landscape
85 GBP
George Arthur Fripp (British 1813-1896): 'Cows in a Landscape Near Bath'
50 GBP
John Henry Campbell (Irish 1757-1829): 'Figures and Cows in a Castle Landscape'
130 GBP
Anthony Vandyke Copley Fielding (British 1787 - 1855): 'Near Hoddeson' Flatland Landscape
75 GBP